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  • Complete Access to All Exclusive Science Duo Resources

    Hundreds of interactive and engaging resources at your fingertips. All new exclusive Science Duo resources and product updates are included in The Science Duo All-Access Membership as well.

  • Distance Learning Compatible

    Currently over 400 of our resources now come with Google Forms for distance learning. Additionally, the majority of our resources are able to be easily loaded into your LMS.

  • Save Valuable Time and Money

    Why reinvent the wheel? You don't need to spend hours and hours creating activities for your students. All of our resources are ready to be printed and used in your classroom immediately for one low monthly rate.

The Science Duo All-Access Membership

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  • What grade level are your resources designed for?

    All of our resources are specifically designed for middle school grades 6-8. We spent 21 years combined in the middle school science classroom and it's what we know best, so all of our resources are geared toward our expertise.

  • Does the membership include distance learning options?

    Yes! We have spent the past several months making major updates to many of our most popular bundles. Currently over 400 of our resources now come with Google Forms for distance learning. Additionally, the majority of our resources are able to be easily loaded into your LMS.

  • Is there a minimum number of months I have to be a member?

    Short answer...no (read the Terms and Policies for more details). However, we constantly add new resources and make updates to older ones. In the past few months, we have created distance learning options/additions for nearly 400 of our resources. We have tons of other great things in store for this year as well! With your active membership, you get all of this. It's definitely worth it to stay.

  • Does this membership really include everything you have created?

    Yes! Every exclusive Science Duo resource is included. That's over 650 individual resources and nearly a $2,500 value.

  • Can I preview any lessons before deciding to sign up?

    Absolutely! You can check out our "All-Access Preview Bundle" to get a glimpse of the incredible value offered in the membership. The link is case sensitive: http://bit.ly/TSDPreviewBundle

  • If I miss enrollment this time, when will be the next time to join?

    You seriously don't want to miss this chance. In order to fully support our members, our All-Access Membership is only open to new members a couple of times per year. We also need to be able to focus on creating engaging lessons to add value to the membership.

  • What standards are your resources aligned with?

    All of our resources are aligned with the TEKS and are very closely related to many other state standards. We have teachers from all across the nation use our resources in their classrooms with great success. With that being said, as of early spring 2020, we have started to add NGSS aligned task cards to our store and the membership as well (there will be many more to come).

  • Can I use school funds for a yearly subscription?

    100% yes! All you need to do is fill out the "School and District Purchase Orders" form on the page below and we will send you an estimate within 24 hours.

School and District Purchase Orders

The Science Duo All-Access Membership is available through school and district purchase orders. Request a quote here.

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  • School and District Yearly Memberships Available

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