Ecosystems Warm-Ups

Ecosystems Warm-Ups. This resource contains 8 complete weeks (40 days) of Warm-Ups relating to ecosystems. This download has a full size version of each Warm-Up (8.5 inch X 11 inch paper) AND an Interactive Notebook format. The notebook version will conserve paper. Check out the preview of this product to see photos of the notebook format. These Warm-Ups are TEKS aligned and include a variety of question formats including short answer, multiple choice, matching, and open ended. Warm-Ups are essential for every classroom. Use these Warm-Ups during the first 5 minutes of class to help reinforce key information and reteach difficult topics.
Ecosystems Warm-Ups

Included in this Resource:

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 Included in this product are the following warm-ups: 

Ecosystems and Relationships
-Key Vocabulary (Ecosystem, Habitat, Niche, Predator, and Prey)
-Energy Pyramid Practice
-Food Chain Practice
-Symbiotic Relationships
-Producer, Consumer, and Decomposer Characteristics

Food Chains
-Key Vocabulary (Food Chain, Producer, Consumer, Decomposer)
-Analyzing Food Chains
-Short food chain reading passage and questions
-Create your own food chain

Food Webs and Energy Pyramids
-Key Vocabulary (Food Web, Energy Pyramid, 1st Level Consumer, 2nd Level Consumer, 3rd Level Consumer)
-Food Chains vs. Food Webs Venn Diagram
-Analyzing Food Webs
-Create your own food web
-Analyzing Energy Pyramids

-Key Vocabulary (Biome, Biotic Factor, Abiotic Factor, Biosphere, Biodiversity)
-Matching 8 Biomes
-Categorizing Biotic and Abiotic Factors
-Analyzing a picture and determining biotic and abiotic factors

Adaptations and Natural Selection
-Key Vocabulary (Adaptation, Natural Selection, Charles Darwin, Camouflage, Hibernation)
-Matching 8 vocabulary terms
-Categorizing Behavioral, Structural, and Physiological adaptations
-Draw your own animal and list adaptations

-Key Vocabulary (Succession, Primary Succession, Secondary Succession, Pioneer Species, Climax Community)
-Primary vs. Secondary Succession Venn Diagram
-Categorizing Primary and Secondary Succession examples
-Analyzing a picture with questions

Short and Long Term Environmental Changes
-Key Vocabulary (Environmental Changes, Short Term Changes, Long Term Changes, Climate Change, Pollution)
-Matching short and long term changes to their definition
-Categorizing short and long term changes examples
-Multiple choice practice
-Choose a short and long term and explain 

Human Impact and Dependence on Ocean Systems
-Key Vocabulary (Ocean Systems, Runoff, Overfishing, Artificial Reef, Habitat Destruction)
-True/False practice
-Categorizing human impact examples as positive or negative
-4 ways humans depend on ocean systems chart
-Multiple choice practice