Physical Properties of Matter Warm-Ups

This resource contains 8 complete weeks (40 days) of Physical Properties of Matter warm-ups. These Warm-Ups are 100% aligned with the 5th Grade Science TEKS and include a variety of question formats. This download has a full size version of each Warm-Up (8.5 inch X 11 inch paper) AND an Interactive Notebook format. The notebook version will conserve paper. Check out the preview of this product to see example images. Also included are digital versions for PowerPoint or Google Slides of each warm-up for distance learning. Warm-Ups are essential for every classroom. Use these Warm-Ups during the first 5 minutes of class to help reinforce key information and reteach difficult topics.
Physical Properties of Matter Warm-Ups

Included in this Resource:

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Included in this product are the following warm-ups: 

Conductors and Insulators

-Key Vocabulary (conductor, insulator, electrical energy, thermal energy)

-Categorizing examples of conductors and insulators

-Examples in every day life

-Analyzing a graph

-Multiple choice practice


-Key Vocabulary (magnetism, magnet, attract, repel)

-Sketch and describe attraction and repulsion of magnets

-Categorizing magnetic and non-magnetic materials

-True/False practice

-Multiple choice practice


-Key Vocabulary (mass, weight, triple beam balance, electronic scale)

-Reading a triple beam balance

-Ordering the steps of using a triple beam balance

-Mass vs. Weight examples

-Multiple choice practice

Mixtures and Solutions

-Key Vocabulary (mixture, solution, separate, dissolve)

-Categorizing examples of mixtures and solutions

-Examples in every day life

-True/False practice

-Multiple choice practice

Physical Properties of Matter

-Key Vocabulary (physical property, matter, mass, solubility, relative density)

-Identifying physical properties and matching

-True/False practice

-Matching physical properties to characteristics

-Multiple choice practice

Relative Density

-Key Vocabulary (relative density, density, float, sink)

-Categorizing examples of substances that float or sink

-Liquid relative density practice

-Solid relative density practice

-Multiple choice practice


-Key Vocabulary (solubility, solute, solvent, soluble, insoluble)

-Categorizing examples of solutes and solvents

-Categorizing examples of soluble and insoluble substances

-Analyzing a graph

-Multiple choice practice

States of Matter

-Key Vocabulary (state of matter, solid, liquid, gas)

-Solid, liquid, gas particle sketches and descriptions

-Categorizing examples of solids, liquids, and gases

-Matching practice

-Multiple choice practice

Answer keys for each warm-up have been included for teacher reference.