Energy Literacy Bundle

This Energy Science Literacy Bundle will help to support important science content and reading comprehension for every single one of your students. This bundle includes 6 unique science articles covering a variety of important energy and physical science concepts. This resource is a "game-changer" for incorporating cross-curricular activities into your science classroom! Each article included in the bundle comes in 2 different versions (regular and modified). The modified version is perfect for students with modifications or accommodations, ESL or ELL students, or lower-level readers. We have also included a "Question Companion" (question sheet and answer key) that is 100% fully editable. You are free to add or remove any of the questions to fit your needs.
Energy Literacy Bundle

Included in this Resource:

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This Energy Bundle includes the following articles:

•Energy Resources
•Energy Transformations
•Forms of Energy
•Heat Transfer - Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
•Potential and Kinetic Energy

This bundle includes the following with each article:
-2 Versions of each Science Literacy Article (Regular and Modified)
-Student Question Companion Sheet (Editable and PDF)
-Answer Key (Editable and PDF)
-Suggestions for Use

Science Literacy Article Suggestions for Use
1. Use to improve literacy and/or as a cross-curricular activity.
2. Use to reinforce key science concepts.
3. Use to teach/demonstrate important reading strategies.
4. Use as class notes and/or class reviews.
5. Use as an extra emergency substitute plan.
6. Use as a short quiz, assessment, or checkpoint.
7. Use in small groups, pullouts, or tutorials.
8. Use as a homework assignment.

This resource comes with a regular version and a modified version of the articles. A fully editable companion question document and answer key are also included. You may choose to print the articles as class sets or allow your students to make notes, highlight, underline, and show various other strategies.