5th Grade STAAR Task Card Highlights

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Concepts covered include:

Reporting Category 1

-Classifying Matter based on physical properties - mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density, solubility in water, and the ability to conduct or insulate



-Changes in State of Matter

Reporting Category 2

-Uses of Energy - mechanical, light, thermal, electrical, and sound


-Reflection and Refraction

-Effect of Forces on Objects

-Changes in Position and Motion

Reporting Category 3

-Sedimentary rock and fossil fuel formation

-Landforms - changes to Earth's surface by water, wind, or ice

-Rotation, day/night cycle, and apparent movement of Sun across the sky

-Weather vs. Climate

-Sun and ocean interaction in the water cycle

-Physical characteristics of the Sun, Earth, and Moon

-Properties of soils

-Renewable and nonrenewable resources and conservation

-Changes in weather

-Water cycle and the role of the Sun

-Shadows, seasons, and appearance of the moon over time

-Rapid changes

-Planets in the solar system

Reporting Category 4

-Interaction with living and nonliving components in an ecosystem

-Flow of energy

-Structures and functions of different species

-Inherited traits and learned behaviors

-Effects of changes in ecosystems


-Physical characteristics of environments

-Life cycles of plants and animals

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