8th Grade Science Review Booklet

This STAAR Science Review Booklet bundle includes all 4 Reporting Categories for the 8th Grade Science STAAR Test. Every readiness and supporting TEKS is covered in this booklet. Use this resource to help your students review important concepts before the end-of-year test.
8th Grade Science Review Booklet

Included in this Resource:

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Matter and Energy - Reporting Category 1
-Matter and Energy Vocabulary
-Atomic Structure
-Arrangement of the Periodic Table
-Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids
-Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
-Chemical Formulas
-Chemical Equations
-Chemical Reactions
-Calculating Density
-Energy Flow in Living Systems
-Matter and Energy Assessment with Answer Key

Force, Motion, and Energy - Reporting Category 2
-Force, Motion, and Energy Vocabulary
-Potential and Kinetic Energy
-Forms of Energy
-Energy Transformations
-Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
-Calculating Average Speed
-Graphing Changes in Motion
-Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
-Newton's Laws of Motion
-Work Vs. No Work
-Force, Motion, and Energy Assessment with Answer Key

Earth and Space - Reporting Category 3
-Earth and Space Vocabulary
-Rotation and Revolution
-Lunar Cycle
-Characteristics of the Sun
-Light Years
-HR Diagram
-Stars and Nebulas
-Electromagnetic Spectrum
-Big Bang Theory
-Gravity and the Solar System
-Plate Tectonics
-Crustal Features
-Topographic Maps
-Oceans and Hurricane Formation
-Weather Symbols and Maps
-Human Impact
-Earth and Space Assessment with Answer Key

Organisms and Environments - Reporting Category 4
-Organisms and Environments Vocabulary
-Producer/Consumer, Predator/Prey, and Parasite/Host Relationships
-Short/Long Term Environmental Changes
-Biotic and Abiotic Factors
-Ecological Succession
-Human Dependence and Impact on Ocean Systems
-Dichotomous Keys
-Natural Selection
-Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
-Structure and Function of Plant and Animal Cells
-Inherited and Acquired Traits
-Levels of Organization
-Characteristics of Organisms
-Body System Functions
-Organisms and Environments Assessment with Answer Key

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