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This Force and Motion Science Investigation Bundle includes 9 interactive and engaging investigations.

Each resource in this bundle comes with a teacher reference guide, teacher directions, PowerPoint introduction, student sheets (regular and modified) with answer keys, exit ticket with answer key, and a warm-up for reviewing the major concept of the lab activity the next day in class. Every page is also 100% fully editable so you are able to add, remove, or modify anything in order to meet the needs of your students. Check out the preview for more details!

*All files come in EDITABLE and PDF formats*

This bundle includes the following 9 science investigations:

•Newton's 1st Law

•Newton's 2nd Law

Newton's 3rd Law


•Balanced and Unbalanced Forces 

•Motion Graphs

•Inclined Planes

•Average Speed

•Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Teacher Reference Guide - READ FIRST

•Description of documents included

•Sequence of investigations

•Claim – Evidence - Reasoning (CER) Explanation

•Teacher Facilitation and Best Practices



•Suggestions for Use

•Assessing your Students

Teacher Directions

This includes the objective of the investigation, key standards covered, essential questions that each investigation should answer, grouping suggestions, and a materials list.

PowerPoint Introduction

This includes a scenario or video to capture student interest, the objective of the investigation, important directions for students to follow (setup and cleanup), a timer slide, an exit ticket for the conclusion of the investigation, and a warm-up question for the following day.

Student Sheets (Regular and Modified)

Each sheet contains a question to investigate, background information, specific steps for completing the investigation, Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER), and a student reflection page.

Exit Ticket with Response Sheet

A short, formative assessment to help gauge each student’s level of understanding.

Suggestions for Use

•Use at the beginning of a unit to pique student interest

•Use at the end of a unit of study to gauge student understanding

•Use as an assessment activity

•Use in tutorials or student pullouts for struggling learners

•Use as a review or reteach activity

•Use to increase overall student engagement

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