5th Grade Science Review Booklet

This STAAR Science Review Booklet bundle includes all 4 Reporting Categories for the 5th Grade Science STAAR Test. Every readiness and supporting TEKS is covered in this booklet. Use this resource to help your students review important concepts before the end-of-year test.
5th Grade Science Review Booklet

Included in this Resource:

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Included in this product is the following:
-2 Versions of the booklet - Completed and Fill-In

Matter and Energy - Reporting Category 1
-Matter and Energy Vocabulary
-Properties of Matter
-States of Matter
-Relative Density
-Conductors and Insulators
-Freezing, Melting, and Boiling Points of Water
-Mixtures and Solutions
-Matter and Energy Checkpoint with Answer Key

Force, Motion, and Energy - Reporting Category 2
-Force, Motion, and Energy Vocabulary
-Position and Motion
-Mechanical Energy
-Electrical Energy
-Light Energy
-Thermal Energy
-Sound Energy
-Circuits (Open, Closed, Series, Parallel)
-Reflection and Refraction of Light
-Force, Motion, and Energy Checkpoint with Answer Key

Earth and Space - Reporting Category 3
-Earth and Space Vocabulary
-Fossil Fuel Formation
-Alternative Energy Resources
-Renewable Resources
-Nonrenewable Resources
-Changes to Earth's Surface
-Rapid Changes
-Weather vs. Climate
-Weather Maps
-Water Cycle
-Rotation and Revolution
-Sun, Earth, and Moon
-Moon Phases
-Planets in the Solar System
-Earth and Space Checkpoint with Answer Key

Organisms and Environments - Reporting Category 4
-Organisms and Environments Vocabulary
-Living and Nonliving Elements of Ecosystems
-Energy Flow
-Structures and Functions of Living Organisms
-Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors
-Changes in Ecosystems
-Carbon Dioxide - Oxygen Cycle
-Characteristics of Environments
-Animal Life Cycles
-Plant Life Cycles
-Organisms and Environments Checkpoint with Answer Key

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