Structure of Life Interactive Notebook Pages

Bring engaging and interactive activities into your classroom with these science notebook pages. This resource contains 21 different interactive notebook activities covering cells, body systems, characteristics of organisms, kingdoms of life, and much more! Interactive notebooks are the perfect tool to help students compartmentalize what they have learned. These activities are great to use for vocabulary practice, concept reinforcement, independent study, class reviews, or in small groups/tutorials.
Structure of Life Interactive Notebook Pages

Included in this Resource:

Structure of Life Interactive Notebook Pages

Included in this product are the following 21 notebook activities:

-Kingdom of Life Fold
-Kingdoms of Life Graphic Organizer and Cut-Outs
-Kingdoms of Life Multi Flap
-Characteristics of Organisms Petal
-Characteristics of Organisms Multi Flap
-Body Systems Chart and Cut-Outs
-How do the body systems work together?
-Cells Basics 4 Square
-Parts of Cell Theory 3 Flap
-Levels of Organization Accordion
-Levels of Organization Flaps
-Plant and Animal Cells Venn Diagram
-Cell Organelles Accordion
-Plant and Animal Cells Labeling (Color and B&W version)
-Sexual and Asexual Reproduction 4 Square
-Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Petal
-Inherited and Acquired Traits Pocket Activity
-Inherited and Acquired Traits Venn Diagram
-Genetics 4 Square
-Punnett Square Multi Flap
-Structure of Life Vocabulary Matching and Pocket

23 example pictures of completed activities have been included for teacher reference.