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  • "Used this on a review day with students that I did not teach. I had one student come back and thank me for the preparation after STAAR. Highly unusual for this student to do this so I know it helped." - A.R.

  • "I have never been disappointed with any of your products, and this is no different. Fun, thorough review of all categories. Thanks for another excellent resource!" - A.G.

  • "Superb Resource! Love that my students have debated and clarified each other's misunderstanding by working on these cards. I have them with a peer! Love the various questions presented in the cards, some straightforward questions, application questions, open-ended, etc!" - C.C.

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Concepts covered include:

Reporting Category 1

-Atomic Structure

-Determining the Identify of an Element

-Arrangement of the Periodic Table of Elements

-Chemical Formulas

-Chemical Reactions

-Law of Conservation of Mass

-Physical and Chemical Changes

-Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids


-Energy Flow

Reporting Category 2

-Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

-Newton's Laws of Motion

-Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

-Potential and Kinetic Energy

-Calculating Average Speed

-Graphing Changes in Motion

-Energy Transformations

Reporting Category 3

-Gravity and the Solar System

-Day/Night and Seasons

-Lunar Cycle


-Components of the Universe and HR Diagram

-Characteristics of the Sun

-Electromagnetic Spectrum

-Plate Tectonic Theory

-Crustal Features Formed

-Topographic Maps

-Convection in the Atmosphere and Oceans

-Weather Maps - Fronts and Pressure Systems

-Formation of Hurricanes

-Human Activity and Impact on Ground and Surface Water in a Watershed

Reporting Category 4

-Abiotic and Biotic Factors

-Short and Long-Term Environmental Changes

-Human Dependence and Impact on Ocean Systems


-Ecological Succession

-Dichotomous Keys

-Natural Selection and Selective Breeding

-Human Body Systems

-Plant and Animal Cells

-Cell Theory

-Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

-Inherited and Acquired Traits

-Characteristics of Organisms

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