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This Weather Assessments Bundle will help to support important science content while offering effective summative assessments for your students. This bundle includes 4 unique and editable science assessments covering a variety of important weather related science concepts. Each of the 4 topics comes with a fully editable pre-made assessment and 2 versions of the answer key - complete and quick check formats. A variety of question formats are included - multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, true/false, and short response. Also included with each topic is a question bank containing 45-60 editable questions and answers. You are free to add, remove, or modify any of the questions to fit your needs. Check out the preview for more details!

This Weather Bundle includes the following 4 assessments:

•Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition


•Ocean Currents and Convection

•Weather Maps and Instruments

This bundle includes the following with each assessment:

-33 Question Pre-Made Assessment

-Assessment Answer Key (2 Versions - Complete and Quick Check Formats)

-Question Bank containing 45-60 questions

-Question Bank Answer Key (2 Versions - Complete and Quick Check Formats)

-All files come in EDITABLE and PDF formats

Science Assessments Suggestions for Use

1. Use as quiz, assessment, or checkpoint.

2. Use to reinforce key science concepts.

3. Use for reteach or review of key concepts

4. Use as extra practice

5. Use in small groups, pullouts, or tutorials.

6. Use as a homework assignment.

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