Structure of Life Warm-Ups

This resource contains 7 complete weeks (35 days) of Warm-Ups relating to Structure of Life concepts. This download has a full size version of each Warm-Up (8.5 inch X 11 inch paper) AND an Interactive Notebook format. The notebook version will conserve paper. Check out the preview of this product to see photos of the notebook format. These Warm-Ups are TEKS aligned and include a variety of question formats including short answer, multiple choice, matching, and open ended. Warm-Ups are essential for every classroom. Use these Warm-Ups during the first 5 minutes of class to help reinforce key information and reteach difficult topics.
Structure of Life Warm-Ups

Included in this Resource:

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Included in this product are the following warm-ups: 

Body Systems
-Key Vocabulary (Human, Body, Organ, Organ System, Structure, Function)
-Functions of 11 body systems
-Structures of 11 body systems
-Body Systems working together
-Multiple choice practice

Cell Organelles
-Key Vocabulary (Cell. Organelle, Nucleus. Cell Membrane, Cell Wall)
-Function of organelles
-Identifying parts of a cell
-Organelle analogies
-Multiple choice practice

Cell Theory and Levels of Organization
-Key Scientists (Robert Hooke, Francisco Redi, Anton van Leeuwenhoek)
-Identifying cell theory
-Identifying levels of organization
-Multiple choice practice

Characteristics of Organisms
-Key Vocabulary (Autotroph, Heterotroph, Prokaryote, Eukaryote, Unicellular, Multicellular)
-Identifying characteristics of organisms
-Advantages and Disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction
-Autotroph vs. Heterotroph practice
-Multiple choice practice

Inherited and Acquired Traits
-Key Vocabulary (Trait, Inherited Trait, Acquired Trait, Gene, Chromosome, Instinct)
-Identifying your inherited and acquired traits
-Identifying inherited and acquired traits from 3 picture examples
-True or False practice
-Identifying examples of inherited and acquired traits

Kingdoms of Life
-Key Vocabulary (Animalia, Plantae, Protista, Fungi, Eubacteria, Archaebacteria)
-Characteristics of kingdoms chart
-Categorizing organisms
-Multiple choice practice

Plant vs. Animal Cells
-Key Vocabulary (Cell, Organelle, Plant, Animal, Photosynthesis)
-Plant vs. Animal Cells Venn Diagram
-Sketch and label plant and animal cells
-Multiple choice practice
-Fill in the blank practice