Science Teacher Testimonials

  • "This is such an invaluable resource. I know how effective "Bell Ringers" are for getting kids on task and setting the tone for the day, but I found it hard to create them on my own. This has made my life so much easier, and they are also fantastic reinforcement and review tools." - B.L.

  • "Files are incredibly easy to locate! I love how everything is sorted into categories. I really enjoy using interactive notebook size version. Saves ink & paper, and easier to work with. Questions are aligned with TEKS. I love it and so do my students! Thank you for this amazing product." - B.

  • "Love this! I'm thinking about using them for when the kids are done with everything I've provided them as a way to see what they know with new topics and review of the material. LOVE the ISN size. Thank you!!" - K.V.

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Included in this bundle are the following Warm-Up sets:

-Ecosystems and Relationships
-Food Chains
-Food Webs and Energy Pyramids
-Adaptations and Natural Selection
-Short and Long Term Environmental Changes
-Human Impact and Dependence on Ocean Systems

Force and Motion
-Motion Graphs
-Newton's Laws
-Simple Machines
-Speed, Force, and Work Calculations
-Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Structure of Life
-Body Systems
-Plant vs, Animal Cells
-Cell Theory and Levels of Organization
-Cell Organelles
-Characteristics of Living Organisms
-Kingdoms of Life
-Inherited and Acquired Traits

-Atoms (parts, locations, charges)
-Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
-Chemical Equations and Formulas
-Chemical vs. Physical Changes (with evidence of chemical reactions)
-Chemical vs. Physical Properties
-Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
-Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
-Periodic Table

Planet Earth
-Continental Drift
-Earth's Atmosphere
-Layers of the Earth
-Plate Boundaries
-Rocks and the Rock Cycle
-Topographic Maps
-Weathering and Erosion
-Properties of Minerals

-Potential and Kinetic Energy
-Forms of Energy
-Energy Transformations
-Heat Transfer (Conduction, Convection, and Radiation)
-Properties of Waves
-Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

-Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets
-Electromagnetic Spectrum
-Gravity and the Solar System
-Lunar Cycle
-HR Diagram
-Tides and Eclipses
-Life Cycle of a Star

-Catastrophic Events
-Weather Maps and Symbols
-Weather and Climate
-Convection Currents and Hurricane Formation

Safety and Scientific Method
-Lab Equipment
-Safety Equipment
-Safety Procedures
-Scientific Method

Answer keys for each warm-up have been included for teacher reference.