Lone STAAR Launch

The Only 8th Grade Science STAAR Review You'll Ever Need

What's the last thing you want to do in April and May? For us, it was having to prepare a comprehensive review for our 8th-grade science students to get them ready for their end-of-year STAAR test.

Our goal has always been to make your life easier. We have teamed up with Chris from Kesler Science and we have created the ultimate STAAR review for your students.

The Lone STAAR Launch is a 15-day, student-led review that will allow your students to build their confidence prior to taking the 8th-grade science STAAR test. All the heavy-prep has been done for you.
Lone STAAR Launch

Included in the Lone STAAR Launch

Digital Versions Included

Every station includes a digital version and a paper version that allow for flexibility.

The digital versions do not require any additional supplies and students can work through them independently with PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Lone STAAR Launch Highlights

  • 54 Student-led Stations

    Each of the 54 stations includes an engaging activity, an extension, and reflection questions that are aligned with the TEKS.

    Hands-on and digital versions are included with each station.

    The student-led stations cover all of the middle school science readiness and supporting standards.
  • STAAR Practice Questions

    A unique STAAR-formatted question for each station is included.

    Paper and digital versions are included.

    A STAAR practice mastery sheet will help students measure their level of understanding for each standard.
  • Four Original Escape Rooms

    To take engagement to the next level, we've included four brand-new escape rooms. The escape rooms cover all readiness standards for reporting categories 1-4.

    Implementation is a breeze, even if you've never run an escape room before.

Scope and Sequence

The Lone STAAR Launch covers the readiness and supporting TEKS for the 8th-grade science STAAR test in Texas. However, they may align with your state also. 

 There are a total of 54 stations that cover a wide variety of middle school science concepts.  You can download the full list of standards covered here.

The Lone STAAR Launch Sequence Calendar offers several different options on how to run the review. 

Peek Inside the Lone STAAR Launch

Take a deeper dive inside the Lone STAAR Launch to see just how versatile this course is for your end-of-the-year science review.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept purchase orders from schools?

    Absolutely. Fill out a quote request using the blue button below.

  • Is the Lone Staar Launch included in the All-Access Membership?

    The Lone STAAR Launch is a collaborative project with another company (Kesler Science) and therefore will not be part of the All-Access Membership. That said, all future Science Duo only products will be included with your membership.

  • Are all of the 8th grade Readiness and Supporting TEKS covered?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • How does the licensing work?

    Each teacher will need to have their own individual license. The license allows the teacher to use it with all of their classes.

  • What is the difference between a teacher purchased license and a school purchased license?

    A teacher-purchased license is paid for directly by the teacher. School licenses are purchased with school funds. These licenses renew annually. They come with transferable rights and additional professional development videos.

  • Can the stations be completed online?

    Yes. We have included digital versions of all 54 stations, including the practice STAAR questions.

    The digital stations are still engaging and allow students to work independently.

School/District Purchases

  • Each teacher needs a license.

  • School and district license fees renew each year.

  • A license can be transferred to a new teacher if the original teacher no longer requires it.

  • A license includes access to professional development videos.

  • Purchase orders are welcome.
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