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Adaptations Digital BOOM Cards
-Charles Darwin and Natural Selection
-Instinct vs. Learned Behaviors
-Camouflage and Mimicry with examples
-Structural, Behavioral, and Physiological Adaptations
-Key Vocabulary (ex. hibernation, adaptation, migration, predator, prey, and more)

Atoms, Elements, and Molecules Digital BOOM Cards
-Counting atoms of a specific element
-Counting total atoms within a compound
-Counting the number of elements in a compound
-Determining the number of molecules of a specific compound

Biomes Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Identifying Earth's major biomes (Tundra, Desert, Grassland, Rainforest, Deciduous (temperate) forest, Boreal forest (taiga), Marine water, and Fresh water)
-Identifying characteristics of Earth's biomes

Body Systems Digital BOOM Cards
-10 Major Body Systems
-Functions of Body Systems
-Structures of Body Systems
-Body System Interactions

Cells Digital BOOM Cards
-Cell Theory
-Parts and Functions of a Cell
-Levels of Organization
-Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic
-Unicellular and Multicellular
-Plant and Animal
-Meiosis and Mitosis

Chemical Equations and Formulas Digital BOOM Cards
-Law of Conservation of Mass
-Products and Reactants
-Balanced/Unbalanced Equations
-Counting atoms practice

Classification Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary (classification, taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus, dichotomous key, subspecies, sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction, and more)
-Identifying domains and kingdoms
-Identifying characteristics of organisms (unicellular, multicellular, autotroph, heterotroph, prokaryote, eukaryote)

Earth Digital BOOM Cards
-Seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
-Identifying and Predicting Moon Phases
-Lunar Cycle Practice
-Identifying Tides
-Identifying Eclipses
-Rotation/Revolution of Earth

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary (ex. earthquake, volcano, Richter scale, seismograph, seismologist, volcanologist, focus, epicenter, crater, caldera, vent, and more!)
-Types of faults (Normal, Reverse. and Strike-slip)
-Types of volcanoes (Shield, Composite, and Cinder cone)
-Components of a volcano (Vent, Magma chamber, Ash, Cinders, etc.)

Ecosystems Digital BOOM Cards
-Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, and Scavengers
-Herbivores, Omnivores, and Carnivores
-Food Chains
-Food Webs
-Energy Pyramids
-Biotic and Abiotic Factors
-Primary and Secondary Succession
-Key Vocabulary terms (ex. ecosystem, habitat, community, etc.)

Electromagnetic Spectrum Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Identifying parts of the spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, gamma rays)
-Identifying uses of electromagnetic waves

Energy Digital BOOM Cards
-Forms of Energy
-Potential and Kinetic Energy
-Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
-Energy Transformations
-Law of Conservation of Energy

Energy Resources Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Renewable and Nonrenewable examples (coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass)
-Pros and Cons of energy resources
-Energy conservation

Force and Motion Digital BOOM Cards
-Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
-Net Force
-Force and Motion Vocabulary
-Newton's 3 Laws of Motion
-Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
-Calculating Speed and Force
-Distance/Time Graphs
-Speed/Time Graphs

Genetics Digital BOOM Cards
-Gregor Mendel
-Punnett Square Practice
-Inherited vs. Acquired Traits
-Genotype vs. Phenotype
-Dominant vs. Recessive
-Homozygous vs. Heterozygous
-Hybrid vs. Purebred
-And more key vocabulary

Lab Safety Digital BOOM Cards
-Handling sharp objects
-The uses of goggles
-Fire Extinguisher
-Fire Blanket
-Eye Wash Station
-Safety Lab Shower
-Proper disposal of chemicals

Light and Color Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary (ex. light, opaque, translucent, transparent, reflection, refraction, prism, mirage, concave, convex, and more)
-Identifying kinds of objects (opaque, translucent, or transparent)
-Mirrors (plane, concave, and convex)
-Lenses (concave and convex)
-Light and color (primary, secondary, etc.)

Periodic Table Digital BOOM Cards
-Bohr Models
-Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
-Protons, Electron, and Neutrons
-Atomic Mass and Atomic Number
-Valence Electrons
-Electron Dot Diagram
-Groups and Periods
-Similar Properties of Elements

Planets Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Identifying the inner and out planets
-Identifying characteristics of the inner and outer planets
-Basics of comets, asteroids, meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites

Plate Tectonics Digital BOOM Cards
-Layers of the Earth
-Continental Drift Theory and Alfred Wegener
-Plate Boundaries (ex. Convergent, Divergent, and Transform)
-Sea Floor Spreading

Properties of Matter Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary (ex. matter, weight, mass, conductivity, ductility, malleability, density, color, hardness, melting point, boiling point, viscosity, magnetism, luster, texture, solubility, and odor)
-Examples of matter
-Identifying chemical and physical properties
-States of matter
-Identifying properties of materials

Rocks Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock uses and characteristics
-Characteristics of rocks (ex. texture, color, mineral composition)
-Rock cycle basics

Scientific Investigation Digital BOOM Cards
-Problem, Hypothesis, Investigation, Conclusion
-Observation vs. Inference
-Variables (Control, Dependent, and Independent)
-Length, Mass, Weight, Volume
-Identifying Science Equipment
-Reading a Triple Beam, Graduated Cylinder, Flask, and Beaker
-Water Displacement and LxWxH Volume Calculations

Simple Machines Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Simple vs. compound machines
-Types of levers
-Types of pulleys
-Examples of all 6 simple machines

Space Digital BOOM Cards
-Types of Galaxies with examples and pictures (Spiral, Elliptical, and Irregular)
-Rotation vs. Revolution
-Inner vs. Outer Planets
-Astronomy Key Vocabulary (Telescope, light year, axis, solar system, universe, galaxy, star, etc.)
-Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) Diagram

Thermal Energy Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Identifying examples of conduction, convection, and radiation
-Solids, Liquids, and Gases
-Thermal Equilibrium and Specific Heat
-Conductors vs. Insulators

Water and Water Cycle Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary (ex. water cycle, condensation, evaporation, precipitation, transpiration, river, lake, pond, aquifer, watershed, and more!)
-Parts of the water cycle
-Water conservation

Waves Digital BOOM Cards
-Waves vocabulary
-Types of waves (transverse, longitudinal, and surface)
-Parts of waves (crest, trough, compression, rarefaction)
-Properties of waves (amplitude, wavelength, frequency, and speed)
-Interactions of waves (reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference)

Weather Digital BOOM Cards
-Weather Instruments
-Weather Vocabulary
-Fronts (Warm, Cold, Stationary, and Occluded)
-Key Vocabulary

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Digital BOOM Cards
-Key vocabulary
-Types of weathering (Mechanical and Chemical)
-Types of erosion (Landslide, mudflow, slump, and creep)
-Landforms formed from deposition (Deltas and alluvial fans)
-Examples of weathering, erosion, and deposition

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Boom Cards™ require absolutely no printing, laminating, cutting, or grading. It's all done for you!

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