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  • "Too often vocabulary work is an after thought (for me) because of labs and notes etc... This bundle means I won't be staying up late making up a vocabulary review or game b/c ya'll did the work for me. I am grateful!" - H.G.

  • "I love the vocabulary sort activities, as students are actively engaged in learning vocabulary instead of simply copying vocabulary terms and definitions out of a text book. Moreover, students have images of the vocabulary term they have to match with the term and definition, and this greatly improves comprehension and memory. However, what I most enjoy about this product is that I can edit student sheets or use the blank card templates to modify or to add terms and definitions. Thus, I have the ability to align vocabulary terms and definitions with my lesson content and objectives and to ensure the activity best meets the needs of all my learners." - P.M.

  • "Great resource! My students loved the extra study with the sorts and I loved the multiple levels and ways to differentiate. All students found success!" - J.R.

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Included in this resource are the following 40 differentiated vocabulary sort activities:

Ecosystems (set of 6)
-Adaptations and Natural Selection
-Ecological Succession
-Environmental Changes
-Organism Relationships
-Organization in Ecosystems

Force and Motion (set of 2)

Chemistry (set of 6)
-Atomic Structure
-Changes in Matter
-Chemical Formulas and Equations
-Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
-Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
-Periodic Table of Elements

Structure of Life (set of 5)
-Characteristics of Organisms
-Plant and Animal Cells
-Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

Earth (set of 6)
-Crustal Features
-Layers of the Earth
-Natural Disasters
-Plate Tectonics
-Rocks and Minerals
-Topographic Maps

Space (set of 5)
-Components of the Universe
-Life Cycle of Stars
-Lunar Cycle
-Tides and Eclipses

Energy (set of 4)
-Energy Resources
-Forms of Potential and Kinetic Energy
-Thermal Energy

Weather (set of 4)
-Weather Instruments
-Weather Maps and Symbols
-Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

Safety and Scientific Method (set of 2)
-Science Lab Tools and Safety Equipment
-Scientific Method

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